Quote Me, Quote Me: Thoreau

I love images. I love words, too.

Typography and I are THIS close.

Today I am celebrating transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau.



Wanna See My Classroom?

Since I spend so much time at the awesome high school where I teach, I thought I would share a tour of my classroom.  Being a visual person (who's not?), I love to surround myself with color!

So here's the dime tour:
This is the view of my room when you walk in the door.  I like the kids to be able to talk with each other, and the banquet style arrangement is working well for us this year.
This set of shelves is right behind my door.  I use it for my plastic baskets, which makes it easier to distribute supplies to the kids when they are working on projects as well things that the kids have easier access to - like Germ-ex, bandaids, rubber bands, paper clips, staplers, tape, and notebook paper.
I also lend them pens, pencils, erasers, and handheld sharpeners from this location.
If you walk to the right from the doorway, you can see part of my command central.  I have my printer, my currently used files, my microwave, and a three-drawer cabinet that holds my plasticware.  Under my table I keep my tools and some of my teaching tools in the plastic bins under the printer.  I also have a small refrigerator underneath the table below the microwave.
This is a shot of the back wall of my room.  I have a LOT of bins to store my school supplies.  You'll also notice that I have several pedestal fans - I use these a lot during my morning classes - believe it or not, we need the a/c inside our humid Houston school, and it's HOT in there.
These are full of school supplies.  This is my 15th-year of teaching, and I have complete sets of lots of things - rulers, scissors, glue sticks, fat markers, thin markers, etc.  I keep these here as well as lesser used items like extra copy paper (I have to buy my own for my printer), laminating sheets, my label maker - I have one for school AND one for home, file folders, etc.
To the right of the black plastic drawers are my much older drawers.  I use these to store tempera and acrylic paints, specialty glues, and extra leftover craft project materials for posters, banners, door decorations, and stuff.
My advanced students read an extra historical novel each six weeks, and I buy copies of them used to check out to them.  I covered the paperbacks with clear contact paper, glued in pockets and made out cards to check in and out, which I keep in the black box.  I organized that into alphabetic tabs so I know who has the books and when they borrowed them from me.
On the top of this folding table, I have more drawers that hold sticker letter packs, punch out letter packs, supplies for specific responsibilities, and (scary, I know) map pencils organized by color.  To the right of that are my "turn in" boxes for my afternoon classes.  To the right of the turn in boxes are my "graded" boxes.  I store my graded papers there before I give them back to my students.
Under the folding table I keep my spiral crates.  My morning classes put their work in spirals, which we keep in class.  Since we have two long banquet arrangements, I put the pink for each class on the back table and the black for each class on the front table.  The kids get out and return their spirals, and we exchange the crates for the next period.
This is in the back corner.  I keep my graduate class books here as well as binders from previous trainings I have attended.  I LOVE the purple platter - a former student made it for me!
This is the view of my classroom in front of the bookcase with the purple platter on top.
This is the view from the other back corner at my bookshelf wall.  The black plastic bins are to my right in this view.
This is a better view of my bookcase wall...
Owl lover alert...
More owl alert.  My diplomas.  BA in English.  M.Ed. in Education.  The gal in the red dress is my Marie Antoinette doll - her head ejects!  :)
My frog prince.  He makes more sense when you see my first - and favorite poster - ever.
This is my locking cabinet - where I keep my purse and my crazy DVD collection as well as my meds, cosmetics, and girly things....
My favorite poster!!!
Pure. awesomeness.
From the front of my room - next to my locking cabinet.  You can see my desks from here if you look hard.
These are casitas.  Little houses.  We use them to surround the kids while they are taking quizzes or exams.  These are just strips of brown cardboard with flaps on each side.  I painted them black and decoupaged lots and lots of pics on the fronts and the backs.  Something extra to check out when my kids are staring off into space...

So that's my little classroom.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

What's your workspace like?  How have you made it your own?

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Aqua Pincushion Tutorial

I love love love aqua, and I am transforming my bathroom (and my bedroom soon) into an aqua oasis.  One of my plans includes moving my craft supplies into my master closet to make them more accessible to me - and less accessible to my teens.

So my supplies: a cute floral shaped bowl, some gorgeous aqua and teal fabric, scissors, a rubber band, polyester fiberfill and (lots of) hot glue.
This is my cutie pie bowl.  I love the petal shape.  It's white and so pretty!

The best part about this little gem is the price!
I bought 1/4 yard of this fabric at JoAnn's.  It cost me $1.50.  I could easily make 2 more of these with the leftover fabric after I cut enough off to cover the bowl with about 3 inches to spare.  I just left it in a square shape.
After I stuffed the fiberfill into the center of the fabric, I wrapped wrapped it well and secured the extra fabric with a rubber band.
Hot glue like crazy - the bottom and the edges. It's that simple!

I spent about $7.50 on this project.  $4 of that was for those gorgeous straight pins!!!

Now it's time to put those pins to good use and actually do some sewing....

Do you sew? How did you learn? What have you made?

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Slim Down Sunday Kickoff

One of my ongoing plans from year to year is to get myself in shape.

Unfortunately, I have not managed to make good on those plans.

That ends now.  I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  I left out my sore lower back since you can't see it from this angle...

Here are my measurements as of today (January 30, 2011):

And here's my weight (and BMI) as of today:
Here's my side view, and the size of my purple pajama pants and my navy v-veck t-shirt as of today:

Funny weird (or haha - you decide): I bought the same pajama pants and the same navy v-necks in XL, L, M, and S so that I can keep taking my photos on Sunday as I lose weight.

My current BMI is 34, which qualifies me as obese.  A healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9 for my height (5'4"), which is a weight range between 110 and 140.  I am looking to land at 134, which would give me a BMI of 23.

Since both of my parents died before retirement age (my dad of a heart attack and my mom of a ruptured brain aneurysm) and since I would like to think of myself as more active throughout all of my much longer life, I had better get busy living...or get busy dying. (Name that movie.)

My current plan:
Calories: 1500 per day; I'm automating my breakfast with 2 slices of toasted Ezekiel bread, 2 tbsp peanut butter, and a sliced banana.  I'll be eating Lean Cuisines for lunch and dinner and eating 2 more fruits and 5 servings of veggies.
Exercise: by the end of each week, I plan to have walked 14 miles starting out.

I'll keep you posted on my progress every Sunday!

Are you trying to get healthy?  What steps are you taking?  What's working for you?


Master Bath Love!!!

Guess what we're working on today???

with some of this:

And preparing for this on the ceiling:

And looking forward to a bathroom that feels more like this

What's the room you most want to update in your house?