43 Classic Novels: Mansfield Park

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I decided to ease into the 43 classics I'm reading this year by working through Jane Austen's books.  I plan to reread her most commonly read novels, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma, but I wanted to begin with the ones I have never read.

Mansfield Park was the first Austen novel I selected.  I finished it last week on one of my new favorite FREE IPhone apps, Stanza, which is helping me to accomplish another of my 43 things - not to buy another paper-based book.

(As an aside, Sid is teasing me every day with the millions of rumors about the new latest greatest I-reader/tablet/coffee-maker, etc. that Apple will be announcing next week.  I have several friends with Kindle, and I have serious reader envy.  Stanza is tiding me over....)

So back to Mansfield Park...

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Jane Austen's home

This was a good read overall.  It's about a poor cousin (Fanny Price) who gets sent to live with her wealthy aunt and uncle to look after her and make sure that she grows up decently.  They also help her older brother who is a sailor move up in the ranks of the navy.

She is fairly ignored by everyone in the family except her other aunt, who treats her mainly like a poor relation who should be grateful for everything she has and her wealthy aunt, who basically just wants Fanny to wait on her and keep her company.

A love triangle ensues, of course, and some very bad behavior by most of the young people while the uncle is away on business.

The ending is perfect Austen, although it was a little uncomfortable for me as a modern reader.

It's worth a look if you like Jane's other books!  I'm planning to watch the movie online this weekend.

NEXT UP: Northanger Abbey  

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