Walk This Way...

Image Credit: Jody McNary

Resolution 1 for January this year is to walk an hour each day.  So far, so good.  I have walked consistently for an hour for seven days now.

Looking back at the week, I really liked walking in the early to mid-morning on the weekend.  I had more time, I felt good, and I liked being able to see what was happening around the neighborhood.

Once I went back to school (work) on Tuesday, it was easier for me to walk after dinner.  That means basically after dark.  Last year I bought one of those yellow reflective mesh vests for walking in the dark so drivers can REALLY see me.  

Of course, this week has been very cold here in Houston.  It's pretty chilly in January anyway, but we dipped below freezing tonight - the Arctic blast that hit everyone in the southeast this week is touching us with frosty hands, too.  I felt as if I was walking here:

Rocky Mountain NP

I wore my hoodie sweatshirt AND my coat AND my gloves and looked a little like a female version of the little brother on A Christmas Story.  I made it, though, and I really didn't think too much about trying not to go.

I'm eating comfort food like crazy so I'm not really losing any weight, but moving my body does help me sleep a little bit better so far.  Here's to keeping it up!

How are you holding up with your exercise plans?

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