Bathroom Reno - Demo Rocks!

Davis and I had a blast tearing out the drywall and removing the frame to the soffit above the sink.

Sid began the process of putting small strips of leftover drywall into the holes left by the soffit frame.

Notice the wallpaper that was behind the mirror.  The original owners LOVED 80s-style wallpaper!  This was actually the second layer.  Before I arrived on the scene, Sid tried to remove some of the wallpaper.  Unfortunately, it was applied to unprimed drywall, which meant that it pulled the paper off the wall itself, causing it to crumble.  We primed, then mudded over the wallpaper to texture it.

We originally planned to paint the original cabinet and replace the ghastly sink/shelf combo.  Unfortunately, the standard size we thought we could use (31 inches) was 2 inches too small for the slightly custom cabinet.  That meant tearing out the cabinet.

Sid removed the toilet so that we could make sure the subfloor was level and install vinyl tile flooring (we will install ceramic after more kids leave the house).

The temporary toilet home, and the garage fan we used to help the texture dry faster.

We used the already crowded upstairs hallway as our staging ground/work area/cat gallery/obstacle course.

It's time for the big reveal, don't you think?


  1. Can't wait to see the new b/r! You are so awesome at remodeling/decor projects.

  2. i was waiting for more posts..i really enjoy the blog and am living thru you this winter..you know i dont even come alive til the spring..keep posting..janet


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