Paring Down Old Photos

Image Credit: Lars Hammar

I tried scrapbooking once.  I LOVE markers, cool scissors, glue dots, and stickers - they inspire my creativity (and I have a THING for office supplies) and they organize so neatly.

Unfortunately, I had many other things calling my name and life got in the way.
Image Credit: shimelle
Scrapbooking went by the wayside, and the kids have since used up most of my stickers and markers on their own projects.

What I do have are a bunch of old photos from the pre-digital age of our lives.
These have been sitting in a white plastic storage bin in my closet forever.  

Can I get an amen for white plastic stackable storage bins??? Yes, I know they are not the greatest for photos, but neither are the plastic bags I've separated them into. Acid free? Hmmph.

SO the great photo pare down project began.
  • I opened my white clear plastic box, and I started purging and sorting my photos.

Here's what I purged: duplicates, blurry shots, landscape shots that didn't do the landscape any justice, thousands of the same kids opening boxes over the years.  I love pictures of them doing things, but celebrating our crazy past materialism is NOT a memory I want to keep.

  • Doesn't everything look more "official" with a bullet in front of it?
  • I put the discards in the basket above.  Crazy how many we had!
Here are what's left.  The discard pile is in the basket, but the nice, neat (mostly) stacks around them are the keepers.  

And yes, that is a Glamour Shot.  I definitely want to remember myself in all my airbrushed 90s glory.  I have another pose in a hot pink frilly number and my absolute favorite in a straw hat with a sunflower on the front.  Tres chic! 

Notice also the ADORABLE Christmas photo of my sister and me (on the right).  Cutie patooties!  My mom rolled our hair with rag for those curls.

  • Sid's old photos are next.  

They think they're hiding in his closet, but nothing is safe from The Purger...muhahahaha (cue dramatic music)!!!

Image Credit: florriebassingbourn

He's currently researching a scanning service to quick scan our photos for us.  Once we have them digitized, and backed up, we can enjoy a variety of images in digital photo frames without worrying about memories that take up space and weight in our home.
And that, my friends, is a GOOD THING!


  1. Ah, yes...the 90s glamour shot. I think we all have one of those somewhere! :) Kudos to you for getting organized!!

  2. Wow Laura, good for you! Thanks for adding yet another task to my ever growing list of must-do's around the house~ ha! :)

  3. I'm sooooo ready to purge my photos and get them organized once an for all! Thanks for the inspiration....this just might be my weekend project!

  4. i too need to do this..wow photos are hard to throw away..even the duplicates..what is the psychology there?? I love your blog!! keep writing!!!

  5. Did you decide on a service to use for scanning your photos? I want to do that, but I am so hesitant about sending mine off to someone.

  6. I am currently doing this exact thing... sorting old prints. Did you find a good scanning service?!

  7. I spy, Creative Memories products! I scrap, and I use those. :-)

    I don't know if you found a scanning service yet, but I heard from my scrapbook friends that Scan Cafe is a good service.


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