Master Bath Reno

The last untouched room in our eighties-built home is the master bath.  I shouldn't say totally untouched; when Sid became a single dad, he carpeted the floor (!) and painted over the wallpaper with off-white paint.  That's it.

Off we go with a little master bath love.

Time for the befores:
This is the only room in my house that faces east, so I get super light in here for a great part of the day.

Most of my project photos have been taken in here on top of my card table, which I carry upstairs and my kitty helper Tabitha helps me with.

Sid's closet is to the right of the shower.

Now for the window that lets in so much light:

Here's the explanation.  When I moved in, Sid had covered this window with a maroon (!) vinyl shower curtain that he cut off to fit in the window.  It was REALLY dark.  First I removed the curtain, then we tried a piece of frosted window film, then we sprayed Rustoleum frosting on the window (NOT a very well-ventilated space.)  After a couple of years, the frosting started flaking, so we have been scrubbing it off.  This is mid-scrub.  

There's a funny story about this window.  We don't have a separate shower, so this is where the magic happens.  Apparently the original owners of the home decided to make some shower "magic" together one Saturday morning.  The window is so transparent that our neighbors, who were having breakfast, saw the entire scene unfold!!!  

I am super aware of and concerned about that window!!!

Next is my closet to the left of the shower and the door to the water closet:

If you check out the color of my bathrobe, you'll understand my paint first color choices as I begin the bathroom update.  I love coral!!!!

Here's the water closet.  It's small and has zero storage along with a terrible light fixture:

Another gorgeous soffit in here, although this at least has recessed can lights:

Next up is our vanity, which is in desperate need of a paint job, hardware, new faucets, and a new counter top.  I forgot to take this before I started piling things up to paint, so the surface is usually a little neater than this.

Here you can see several things: Sid covered the brown carpet with pieces of cardboard because he mudded over "textured" the walls, which still had painted over wallpaper on them.  The trash is full of paper towels that he cleaned up with.  You can see the paint trays and bucket of mud on the floor as well.

Check out the white tiled counters (so hard to keep clean) and the lovely GOLD faucets!!! GOLD FAUCETS!!!  We also have eighties jets in our tub; the fixture on the wall in the back of the photo is the timer for the jets.  Not my favorite - I would LOVE to replace the tub.

A great shot showing why I am going to paint the vanities and my favorite - the brass faucets.  GORGEOUS, no?!!  I can't wait to replace these babies!

Tomorrow I'll show you the plan to update this room on a shoestring budget.

Is anyone else trying to update an older home that's not old enough to have charm - it's just dated - on a shoestring budget?


  1. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Hi Laura. It looks like there's some hidden potential there somewhere. I'm in your boat. My home's not old enough to have charm though is outdated. The kitchen is driving me nuts though I'm getting around to it.

  3. That's a funny story about the shower window. Do you think that is why the original owners moved away? LOL

    I just joined Texas Blogging Gals and found your blog that way. I'd glad to find other Texas girls!

    - Teresa

  4. Good luck with all of that. You've got your work cut out for you! I would die if someone saw me through that transparent window, just die! But I'd die laughing if I saw someone else through it!

  5. hi Laura,
    Love the gold faucet (just kidding) My parents had the same gold faucet in a house they used to own, I never really cared for them as they were hard to keep clean and shiny looking. They have some of the neatest faucets out now so you should treat yourself to a new one!

    Good luck on the redo. We have a smaller house with not a lot of charm. It can be a challenge at times. I ended up decorating the kitchen with an English type of flair which allows me to add a little bit of whimsey. The poor bathroom has been decorated a few times. Once in all white and now in golds, browns, greens, etc. with white woodwork.

    Great blog
    Have a nice weekend,


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