Thanks to The Vintage Pearl via Just Something I Made

A few weeks ago I won my first giveaway - a necklace from The Vintage Pearl.

Erin makes the cutest jewelry!
I was SO EXCITED to win the giveaway from a wonderful blogger - Cathe - at Just Something I Made.

I love Cathe's blog, and her graphic work is to die for.  Check out her studio on Flickr!!!

She lives in Petaluma, California.  It's not too far north of San Francisco - an adorable town, AND the set for George Lucas' classic film American Grafitti

I knew what I wanted on my necklace as soon as I won:


Now I want to wear scoop and v-necks every day so I can show it off! 


  1. Wow!! I LOVE IT! How fun that you could have it so customized, it's the perfect, perfect use of that double ring design. I'm so happy that you shared it today. Isn't Erin @ the Vintage Pearl so great?!

  2. So darling! I would totally get my blog tagline on a necklace, too :)

  3. I want one! That is fabulous! Enjoy wearing it. :)

  4. that is so pretty! Congrats on the win, what a great necklace and I love your design.

  5. I love the philosophy of your blog. It got me thinking.

  6. Hi Laura, great choice for your win! I really like your blog and its focus...I'm in!


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