Aqua and Turquoise Love

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I love white. I follow the white dream makers - Maria at Dreamy Whites and Sarah at A Beach Cottage are only two of my favorites - I think they make it look effortless, textural, and beautiful. I enjoy the natural look and the light and airy feelings of the rooms in their lovely homes.

BUT I am drawn to COLOR.

I love Kim's Dear Daisy Cottage. I love the riot of color in her home and on her porch.

I love Brenda's Cozy Little House. I HEART those handmade quilts.

I am in love with Koralee's Bluebird Notes. Even her blog colors are wonderful - eye candy!

I have been thinking dreaming about when we sell our home and move into our fifth wheel RV. I definitely do NOT plan to leave it in the horrible decor that these things seem to come equipped with standard. I want homey, cozy, and fun.

This brings me to aqua and turquoise.
I'm thinking about painting all of the walls in one of these (very light) shades.

Aren't they lovely? They remind me of the sea, the lake, the sky...

What do you think about blue? Do you already use it in your home? Do you have any favorite paint colors in this hue?


  1. Blue is my favorite color, but when I married my husband, he had everything but. Our furniture didn't go together. I didn't have a lot of blue, but mine went with blue, his didn't. So the only blue thing I have is a denim easy chair that's right here in our office.

    When we re-do our bedroom, I like to think we'll go with blue, but I'll wait to see what hits me.

    Thanks for all the beautiful blue pictures!

  2. Great group of gorgeous pictures! I have a weakness for that turquoisey-blue, too.

  3. I don't use it, but I do think it is very pretty. just doesn't seem like "me".

  4. I like the last photo with all of the texture.

  5. Oh you are a girl after my heart...aqua and turquoise make my heart sing. Thank you soooooo much for the lovely mention and sweet words...you are just way tooo sweet for words.
    Sending you oodles of love my friend.

  6. I'm loving blue right now too. I typically gravitate toward a white/neutral pallette, but am loving pops of blue here and there right now.


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