Master Closet Remodel

I've spent the past couple of days putting off other projects to redo my closet.
Here's the sad before:

If you believed a room like that exists in my house, let me sell it to you. This closet is about the same size as my small master bedroom!
We have his and her closets that flank the sides of our horrible spa tub and shower. We recently switched (so I could encourage my sweetie to clean and organize his closet). After living with it for a few months, I was ready to make some changes.
I waited for the right moment (the weekend) and smiled sweetly while I asked his plans for the day. When he said he didn't really have any in particular since there were so many things to be done, I made my move request for some help moving and adding some shelves.
After much explaining on my part on why the changes would improve the function of the closet and after much explaining on his part that we had $0 to spend on this project, my wonderful husband had hoarded found some scrap wood and hardware that we used to add the shelves.
Take a look at my remodeled closet - I've added notes to help you:

So you see we were totally thrifty. My sweetie was wonderful - he did it all in an afternoon and never complained. He really couldn't see how this was any better than what was there before. He never said that (more than once), and once he finished he left me to it.
Step number one: wipe everything down. Attic-stored wood is not the cleanest.
Step number two: paint everything. The last decorator of this house LOVED what I like to call manila folder yellow paint. In flat. YUCK! (Actually the worst was when she painted harlequin diamonds in her daughter's nursery using a soft mint and the manila folder yellow - all flat.)
I decided to paint the ceiling and baseboards - and the back of the door in Behr's Ultra Pure White (I love crisp white). EVERYTHING else was painted my master bathroom color - that is still unfinished - Behr's Dry Sea Grass. It's a yellower green that I love love love.
Here are the after pics, also with notes:
I repurposed the memo board into an earring holder and I bought the hooks from Hobby Lobby on sale. I just spray painted the hooks Heirloom White around noon; in an hour it was baked on and ready to hang - perfect for my bracelets. There was a lot of room on the wall behind the door, so that was the perfect place to hang them.
If you can't tell what these are, they are two bamboo belt/tie racks I bought from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Use those 20% off coupons (they were originally $20). I love that they keep my necklaces straight and untangled - and that I can see and get to them easily.
I've been trying to support the handmade movement (which means I could get my sewing machine out and actually learn to use it), and I'm trying to get rid of all the crapque I carried in my purse. I still have three larger purses, but I am trying to use wristlets and small cross-body bags to stow only the essentials. I have three hooks on the door to take advantage of all the space on it.
This is actually embarrassing. I keep my everyday shoes out - notice that they are sneaks and flip flops. All my nicer shoes and sandals I keep in plastic shoe boxes so they don't get dusty from disuse. Obviously I am not a shoe diva!!!
And one more, in case you missed her:
This is Pumpkin. Unlike my nosy and cute little helper Tabitha, Pumpkin is quite happy to lay around...EVERYWHERE. She quickly found the lowest basket - my workout shorts - and made herself comfortable. She loves to sleep in my sink, and yesterday she was asleep in the bottom of the tub. My sweetie commented that we should never spend money on cat beds as they are quite content in the weirdest places.
I have donated clothes that are too big or I won't wear or haven't worn to Goodwill.
Don't hate me because I have extra shelf space in my clean, green closet!

Have you already cleaned your closets? Do you spring clean, winter clean, or clean when the fancy strikes you? AN EVEN BETTER QUESTION: HOW MANY SIZES DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR CLOSET RIGHT NOW???

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  1. Love the bracelet idea! I hang my necklaces on a bulletin board with evenly spaced pushpins...

    I clean my closet out fully twice a season, I when I switch sides winter to summer and vice versa.

    But I have a Goodwill pile always going. If something shrinks in the dryer or I come across it and wonder why I have it, it goes in the pile. Once I have a bag-full I take it to Goodwill, only a four minute drive.

    Sizes, hm...probably three. Most stuff fits, but not my black capris...sigh. My summer staple has been on a hanger since early spring.

  2. AGH! How many sizes... too many! We are building a new home this summer so I have been throwing out and getting rid of everything I do not want. I am paring down too!

  3. Could you please come and redo my closet? I reorganize my closet twice a year but it could use a complete makeover.

  4. I love the tie/belt idea for necklaces! I have a TINY closet and am constantly remodeling!

    This was really inspiring!

  5. I love how you did this being thrifty. It looks great...juts like one of those expensive closet systems. FABULOUS IDEA!

  6. I LOVE how you organize your jewelry! I am going to have to give that a try :)

  7. That is quite a closet! I'm jealous! Great ideas!

  8. Your closet remodel looks great! I just found your blog and love it - am now a follower!!!

  9. I want one too! What gorgeous idea. So beautifully organized, everything!
    Have a happy new week. xx

  10. great closet...happy belated birthday, btw! ;)

  11. It's so organized! It looks great! Nice work!

  12. very nice & organized, it looks great! I have 2 sizes in my closet, but not from weight gain or loss; I always have 2 sizes, lol. For some reason, I can't always find stuff in the exact same size, sometimes I have to go up (or down?) one size. it's weird, my weight is pretty stable but it just depends on the style of the shirt, pants, etc, and the clothing manufacturer's sizes.


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