Urban Harvest Farmers Market

Today CJ and I went to the Urban Harvest Eastside Farmers Market in Houston. We arrived around 9 am and were immediately sweating!

First stop was Cafe du Crepe. They sell amazing savory and sweet crepes. CJ ordered a chicken crepe with bechamel sauce drizzled on top. I had the crab and artichoke crepe with honey mustard. Wonderful, and so big we couldn't eat them all. I ate about 1/3 (which is amazing since it was SO GOOD, but I am working on the not full mantra). IF we had planned to eat a sweet crepe, it would have been the one with lemon and raspberries. YUM!

Our crepes looked like this but with sauces drizzled prettily on top, on a paper plate with plastic ware. (I totally left my camera at home, although I remembered my shopping bags!)

I had to walk the entire two rows (and it's the biggest market in Houston!) first before we decided what to buy.
First, I bought some organic fruit:

The second fruit is harder to recognize; I'd only eaten them in jam and cookies. Figs are sweet little things, though, and were a nice new fruit to try.
Then I found two vendors that do this:

I bought a dozen truly cage-free eggs and two happy cage-free whole chickens. I love love love that the whole chickens have not been injected with "a mild sodium solution." However, I paid dearly for these. For the two chickens and the dozen eggs I paid $42. $42!!!!!!!!!
Normally I buy bulk chicken breasts because that's all I really cook with and I didn't pay much attention when my mom bought whole fryers and cut them up. At that price, I'll be using everything!!!!
I also purchased a couple of really nice cucumbers and some beets. I have never liked the idea of beets; my mom never cooked them, and they looked disgusting to me coming out of a can or jar. I decided to be adventurous and give them a shot - with that much color, they must be full of antioxidants galore, right???
Another glorious new passion of mine:

GOAT CHEESE!!! I purchased an amazing feta-like cheese from Pola Artisan Cheese. They have a nice variety of goat and cow cheeses.
My favorite goat cheese of the day is from Swede Farm. I bought a soft soft spreadable goat cheese mixed with habanero peppers. It is DIVINE!!!
I indulged my passion for salsa as well:

I found TWO new salsas that were WONDERFUL and FRESH! My sister Donna makes salsa that's to die for. I've decided after paying $10 for two containers of one and $8 for two containers of the other that I'm going to make my own. I can cut down on the salt and make it as spicy and wonderful as I like.

The last place I stopped and actually bought something was from the lovely booth called Lavande. They sell all kinds of beautiful lavender products, including culinary lavender (for when I get adventurous later in my cooking career). I bought a bottle of lavender linen spray - divine!!!

Getting organic and sustainable and local food (everything's within 180 miles and most within 100) is definitely EXPENSIVE.

Do you think it's worth it? What do you invest in? What do you not worry about?


  1. For $42 I'd want the feathers too!!! lol- I'm picky but can't afford to go totally local, so If I can get it from the garden great, other wise I go to local farms or the discount produce store and don't worry about it. I sure would like to have a couple chickens though (minus the work of taking care of them:@)
    Sounds like you had a nice time at the market!

  2. What a lovely day...I so enjoy Farmer Markets this time of year...I try to go to ours every Sat. morning.
    Your images are darling...love those goats.

    Have a great new week. xoxoxo

  3. Oh I love going to the farmers market, it all looks so good and the freshness of everything always make it taste so much better. It is really expensive though, so I can't indulge all the time. Sounds like a great day. Thanks so much for becoming my latest follower. I am happy to meet you. Hugs, Marty

  4. I love the Farmer's Market! If you ever come across either a honey or toffee sweetened goat cheese, I highly recommend it as a dessert cheese! I just love the sweeter spreads on honey wheat bread or wheat crackers.

  5. no matter how hard I try I just can't get myself to like goat cheese, it is the smell :(

  6. I really love organic products and the ones you described sound absolutely wonderful! The lavender sounds great, the chickens sound...wholesome and fresh, the goat cheese is lovely and the salsa divine. It definitely would be great if we could produce more of our own food and herbs. We would actually save money in the long run! That's why I did the little garden this year! Loved this post!

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. You already know how I feel about the Farmers Market! I picked up some goat cheese too...it's delicious! Can't wait to go back!

  8. I'm still giggling at the first comment about the feathers.

    I can tell that it was a day that I would have REALLY enjoyed. I wish so badly that more organic things had been available when my daughters were growing up. I hate the thought of what we're doing to ourselves (and especially our kids) with all the "stuff".

    I still like that "until you are no longer hungry" mantra. I would have convinced myself that I was verrrrrrrrry hungry with those crepes though.

  9. Hi Laura, You are brave to hang out in the Houston heat. I don't think even the market could tempt me outside.

    The food looks wonderful! I guess it would be worth it to pick up your goodies--heat not withstanding. :o)

    Thanks so much for dropping by! I'm busy painting and haven't been getting around as much lately as I'd like too.

    We buy our eggs from the local Country Market and they are all fresh out of the coop. I don't have a brood in our coop at the moment--we need to fortify the walls so the foxes won't get our next batch. Aren't they delicious? I only pay $2.25 a dozen. I guess that's one advantage to living in the country. I don't miss Houston--I have to say! We live north of you now. But you make me want to drop by for a visit..when the weather is cooler of course. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  10. I love buying fresh and local, but honestly we can't afford it. What you paid for the chicken is my entire weekly grocery budget. I buy a lot in little fruit stands from local farmers here but I can't afford much else.

  11. Ok, I am sooo hungry now. Your pictures are awesome and I am now craving salsa. I think I will go to my farmers market this weekend.


  12. Laura,

    This is my first time to your lovely blog via a comment you left at Cranberry Cottage -- a quote my Grammy used to say as well! I will be returning because there is a lot of wonderful things here.

    I live within the garden of the Garden State and buy freshly grown food from the farmer whenever possible. I also go to a whole food store. Yes, it is definitely worth it.


  13. I get the feeling every farmer's market is better than those around here (SW Chicago burbs.) Sigh.

    Love your inspiration though!

    I'll check back...

  14. Wow! I am totally amazed at the price for the chickens and eggs. To think, we get all we want for very little and the eggs - well, we just pick three of them out of the nest every day. Goat cheese, we make it by the pounds and it is sooooo yummy.
    I'll be in Houston at the scrapbook show at the Gallaria this weekend. Are you going?

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment!
    Wish you a lovely day!

  16. Freshly prepared beets are one of my favorites! So much better than from a can or jar!!

  17. I was not able to comment on your closet post, blogger is so temperamental some times! I love your closet and cat hotel!

    Thank you for stopping by!


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