Simple Cravings


longing for luscious raspberries...


cold orange slices...


juicy red grapes...


fresh peach juice dripping down my chin...

ripe, dense strawberries...


pink grapefruit sections minus the pith...


sweet little clementines...


perfectly ripe pears...

Here's to enjoying the simplest things in life.

Many thanks to the very talented Muppet, whose images are making my mouth water!







Valentine RV Love!

My sweet husband loves me SO MUCH!

Image Credit: Sister 72

We ate a quick lunch today on the way to the Houston RV Show.  Lunch was not our concern - fifth wheels were - and they did not disappoint.  Montana, Jayco, Cameo, Open Range, Cardinal...they were all there for us to tour (along with thousands of others).

Image Credit: makeshiftlove
After touring close to a hundred fifth wheels, we have continued to work through our list of things we MUST have:

Image Credit: Tie Guy II
  • a king bed
  • wood cabinetry for greater durability - we'll be living in this thing, so we need our doors and stuff to work!
  • at least 35 feet long for enough space to live in
  • a water closet that's separated from the shower and sink
  • a ducted air system
  • the winterized package (extra insulation for colder climates)
  • an open kitchen plan or a kitchen with an island (the L-shaped kitchen is too narrow to use efficiently)
  • a living area that has direct views from the chairs and sofa to the television (a must for Sid)
  • the newer jack stabilizer system that will keep the RV from swaying as we walk inside

Image Credit: hezoos

And some things we would LIKE to have:
  • a separate specific desk area in the living room or a modified "bunkhouse" layout, which would enable us to have a guest room with an office inside
  • some layouts put the shower and toilet together but then keep the vanity sink and medicine cabinet inside the bedroom; we would like to keep it out of the bedroom
  • pocket doors
  • a second toilet and vanity sink
  • an outside cooking area
Image Credit: Vince Alongi

Since we have about 6 years before we actually purchase, there's plenty of time to continue our research, discussions, and dreams about our new RV.

I love you, Sweetie!  Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Bathroom Reno - Demo Rocks!

Davis and I had a blast tearing out the drywall and removing the frame to the soffit above the sink.

Sid began the process of putting small strips of leftover drywall into the holes left by the soffit frame.

Notice the wallpaper that was behind the mirror.  The original owners LOVED 80s-style wallpaper!  This was actually the second layer.  Before I arrived on the scene, Sid tried to remove some of the wallpaper.  Unfortunately, it was applied to unprimed drywall, which meant that it pulled the paper off the wall itself, causing it to crumble.  We primed, then mudded over the wallpaper to texture it.

We originally planned to paint the original cabinet and replace the ghastly sink/shelf combo.  Unfortunately, the standard size we thought we could use (31 inches) was 2 inches too small for the slightly custom cabinet.  That meant tearing out the cabinet.

Sid removed the toilet so that we could make sure the subfloor was level and install vinyl tile flooring (we will install ceramic after more kids leave the house).

The temporary toilet home, and the garage fan we used to help the texture dry faster.

We used the already crowded upstairs hallway as our staging ground/work area/cat gallery/obstacle course.

It's time for the big reveal, don't you think?


Bathroom Reno

Along with millions of other things I have been working through at school, Sid and I decided to tackle the kids' bathroom this weekend.  It's in between the two dormers upstairs so it has no window and is dark as a dungeon (and dingy as one, too.)

This is the view from the hallway.  Horrible, dingy, etched swan shower doors with a dark but colorful shower curtain meant to cover up the shower doors but usually shoved to the side.

This is the view from the bathtub.  The horrible oak cabinet that was actually in paintable shape with an old, scratched shell-shaped sink with a molded shelf that extended over the back of the toilet.

With three kids and no storage we opted to use these Sterilite containers for portable and individual collections of bathroom "stuff."

The glass shelves were originally in Devonne's room.  We stuck them on the short wall in the bathroom to give the kids a little more storage.  I'm planning to use them again after the update.

This is one of the worst things about the bathroom.  It is a soffit with bare bulb fixtures affixed to the ceiling.  They are high enough up that it makes the bathroom pretty dim.

This is an IKEA towel rack that Sid attached to a solid wood cleat because of the number of towels being generated each day.  Here it holds the dirty lavender bath mat and zero towels.  The rack will go back into the room as well.

The peel and stick pink rose vinyl tiles that Devonne chose (along with the swan shower doors) at age seven.

Now to keep this really real, here is Pumpkin, one of our cats, drinking from the toilet.  This is a nice shot of the general filth that has been our kids' bathroom.

When we have guests, NO one wants to use it.  I don't want to use it when the other baths are busy.

It's time for some DIY home improvement!